Intel Corp (INTC) the processor chip giant is on a steady pace since 2010, in a short seven years, its stock has doubled in value. It has steadily increased year after year.

Intel’s processors are in almost every high-end computer and tablet on the market. It just released its 7th Gen Intel Core Processors. The new i7-7700K runs at 4.50 GHz. Intel is also producing microchip processors for drones and smartwatches. Its chips are in flagship tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Most high-end gaming computers that are VR ready also use Intel’s processors.

Intel has been around for decades, and it’s not about to go away. It is a giant in its industry, delivering quality hardware for the best devices on the market. There are only two major competitors in this niche: Intel and AMD and both are doing very well.



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