This software allows you to choose from a lot of settings such as your risk factor and the maximum amount of trades you wish to make on a daily basis. It lets you trade even when offline. We were impressed on how accurate and smoothly the software runs. It predicts even the smallest variations in the market and executes its trades at precisely the right moments.

Binary Options Robot is cloud based and runs off of a server; this means there are no downloads and updates necessary and you will always be running the latest version of the software.

Being 100% automated all you need to do is input your settings such as risk factor, the broker your want to use and the amount of money you want to invest.

In our tests, this Trading Robot gave us an 80% return on our investment. It took us a few tries to get to that number but within a few days we had the right settings, and we were making a profit.

Overall we gave Binary Option Robot a two thumbs up. Not bad for a FREE software!

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