Here at I have reviewed the best binary options trading software. I set up accounts with all of the reviewed trading software, and I have found that when properly set up they trade better than a professional wall street trader minus the commission. In fact, I have read that some professionals are now using these bots themselves.

I present the best five free software on the market. Here are the winners:

#1 Traders Buddy
#3 OptionRobot
#4 BinaryOptionsRobot
#5 Binary Robot 365

The reviewed trading software have an average of 85% win-rate. Only a skilled day trader can manually achieve these results.

All of the reviewed trading robots are 100% automated. They monitor the market and accurately predict its changes with subsequent execution of transactions. Just select your preferred trading style by choosing a couple of options. Such as your risk factor, the daily Stop Loss, the Max Daily Trades, your assets…

All trading is cloud based, so you won’t have to worry about your computer or tablet crashing or a bad internet connection. Don’t trust outdated downloadable programs that run off of your computer. These old robots run on ancient technology and are even dangerous to use, and their algorithms do not apply to today’s market. In modern days you should always trust cloud-based technologies when it comes to trading robots.

Best of all these trading robots are free. And most come with a demo account so you can test them with fake money before spending your money.

Virtually all countries are welcome, no matter where you come from you will have access to these programs. With a wide variety of compatible brokers, you will be able to trade from any country in the world.

They are all trusted and secure. After all, it is your money we are talking about this is why security is important. Verified safe by major anti-virus companies such as McAfee you will have peace of mind when trading binary options knowing that your money is in good hands.

Trading options can be hard and often requires years of education and practice. But today’s advanced artificial intelligence can analyse the market and predict it with an 85% accuracy. So you have two options: You either go back to school for about four years and spend thousands on tuition fees. Or you access one of the internet’s most reliable trading robots for free today.

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